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By Charles K. Cowdery

Bourbon, immediately: The Uncut and Unfiltered tale of yankee Whiskey, follows the path of the United States whiskey-making from its seventeenth century origins correct as much as the current day. In it, readers will realize the background of the yankee whiskey undefined, how American whiskey is made and advertised, the diversities between a number of forms of American whiskey (bourbon, rye, Tennessee) and the way they examine to different global whiskies.

Readers will also meet the numerous interesting characters who've made American whiskey what it's at the present time, whether or not they be well-known, notorious or principally unknown.

All significant manufacturers and types are mentioned. The e-book encompasses a whole tasting consultant with 35 special product experiences.

Bourbon, directly: The Uncut and Unfiltered tale of yankee Whiskey, is for fanatics of yank whiskey, but in addition for readers who simply take pleasure in an outstanding story steeped in American tradition and historical past.

Bourbon, Straight is richly distinct, transparent, authoritative, insightful, autonomous and enjoyable to read.

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