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...[They have been attempted] by means of a court docket empanelled from one of the noble households, and sworn upon the sacrifices. The a part of accuser was once taken by means of Myron. They have been discovered accountable of the sacrilege, and their our bodies have been forged out in their graves and their race banished for evermore. In view of this expiation, Epimenides the Cretan played a purification of the town.

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Commanders in leader of the cavalry: four. 2, 30. 2, 31. three, forty four. four, sixty one. four; cavalry commander for Lemnos, sixty one. 6. Chairman (epistates): of the prytany or the presiding committee, forty four, fifty nine. 2. problem to replace (antidosis). If a guy precise to accomplish a liturgy notion guy who have been omitted used to be richer than himself and never exempt, he might problem the opposite guy both to accomplish the liturgy or to teach that he used to be no longer richer by way of changing estate: fifty six. 2, sixty one. 1. Choregus. wealthy citizen appearing the liturgy of taking basic and monetary accountability for a refrain engaging in a pageant: fifty four. eight, fifty six. 2; choregia metaphorical, translated ‘service’, 27. four. urban magistrates (astynomot) 50. 2, Epit. eight. Civic rights, lack of (later importance of atimia): fifty three. five, sixty three. three, sixty seven. five; cf. sixteen. 10, the place writer misunderstands outlawry. declare to exemption (skepsis) from functionality of a liturgy, fifty six. 2. extended family (genos). a gaggle of households, supposedly or truly comparable: an aristocracy, yet wider than that of the Well-born, p. forty, 21. 6, fifty seven. 2. membership (hetaireia). An organization of electorate, frequently shaped in order to collaboration in public existence; utilized by the extraordinary oligarchs of 404: 34. three. (In 20. 1 hetaireiai is translated as ‘party struggle’: the writer is paraphrasing Herodotus, and doesn't mean that such golf equipment existed in 508/7. ) Colacretae (ham–collectors). Paying officials of the Athenian treasury, until eventually 411 or presently earlier than: 7. three, 30. 2n. Commissioners (probouloi). A board of ten appointed after Athens’ failure in Sicily in 413, to take over the various services of the council: 29. 2. corporation commanders (lochagoi). Commanders of businesses (lochoi) in the tribal regiments of hoplites: sixty one. three; the cadets had their very own corporation commanders. grievance (probole). A plea guy have been wronged, on which the meeting voted, and then orthodox judicial lawsuits may perhaps yet needn't persist with: forty three. five, fifty nine. 2. Corn-guardians (sitophylakes) fifty one. three. Cosmetes (one who makes orderly). manager in leader of the cadets: forty two. 2. Council (boule). physique which ready company for the meeting and, within the 5th and fourth centuries, coordinated the management of the nation: four. three, eight. four, forty three. nine; cf. 21. three, 24. three, 25. 2, 30–32, 37. 1, sixty two. 2; see additionally Areopagus. Council-house (bouleuterion) (map 3): 32. three, forty eight. 1–2, fifty three. four. Decree (psephisma). answer taken via vote, specifically within the council and meeting. within the fourth century Athens distinct among (superior) legislation, enacted by means of a unique strategy (see p. 89), and (inferior) decrees, and this contrast underlies what's stated of legislation in 26. 2 and of decrees in forty-one. 2. Delian League. smooth identify for the alliance made through Athens to proceed scuffling with opposed to Persia after the conflict opposed to Xerxes, which Athens got here more and more to regard as an empire, and which Sparta destroyed through defeating Athens within the Peloponnesian struggle: 23. 4–24; cf. 27. 1, 32. three, forty-one. 2. supply (apagoge). technique on hand opposed to definite different types of criminal, through which any citizen may hale the criminal sooner than the experts: fifty two.

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